Qugo x IVY

  Self medicating and Self absorbed- We never know what goes on behind close doors. Stylistically delivered from the standpoint of a home movie, check out the marriage of two individuals that Qugo Boss casually sings will inevitably, “Suicide before they grow old” in his latest video release from his EPPutnyr. Oh yeah… BANG BANG!!!!…  … Read More


Some guys collect baseball cards; other guys collect guns or cars. I’ve seen panties too. That’s not just some lame tv movie scene where the guy opens the bottom drawer to brag to his little brother… It’s real! But anyway, lately more than ever I’ve been noticing that lots of people like to keep specific… Read More

bangkok skyline

Bangkok is a huge city of some 10,000,000 people. It can be a little overwhelming for first timers but once you know it, you have to love it. It is one of the most vibrant, happening cities in Asia. Well known for having a 24 hour traffic jam, things are improving with many new expressways… Read More