It’s no secret that social media has done wonders for people in the industry, or people who hope to break into the industry, especially comedians. While vines allow comedians to demonstrate their talent and various ideas, they have an extremely short time limit to do so. So, many comedians take to the popular video platform, YouTube. YouTube is busting with comedic talent. So, in order to give you an idea of what YouTube has to offer, continue below to find about five hilarious comedy YouTube channels that you should follow.

1.) College Humor

The first comedy YouTube channel on our list is College Humor. College Humor is a group of comedians who film various comedy videos. They are sort of like the millennial YouTube version of Saturday Night Live. College Humor performs sketches, animations, music videos, and even a regular web series. Their videos are typically around four minutes, and poke fun at pop culture trends, and things that every day millennials experience and do. Their channel is updated on a daily basis. So, after you are done binge watching their older videos, you can tune in everyday to watch their newest video.

2.) Bad Lip Reading

The second comedy YouTube channel has a pretty self-explanatory name. Bad Lip Reading takes a clips from your favorite movies, removes the sound, then inserts dialogue that makes sense to how to the actors’ lips move. The new dialogue is absolutely hilarious and genius. Sometimes it is random and makes little to no sense, which makes the video even funnier. The only downside to Bad Lip Reading is they don’t create videos on a daily basis. New videos come out sporadically. So, watch their older videos, subscribe, and then patiently wait for them to come out with a new hilarious video.

3.) Shane Dawson

The third comedy YouTube channel on our list is Shane Dawson. Shane Dawson has been on YouTube since 2005. His videos consist of absolutely everything. He has made; parody music videos, mock tutorials, sketch videos, mini-series, short films, and virtually every other comedy video. While Shane Dawson is known to transform into one of his known personas, or go above on beyond with his special effects, and hilarious sketches, some of his funniest videos consist of him just talking to the camera, in a vlog style. That’s how you know that Shane Dawson is true comedic talent. Even when he is sitting in front of a camera, just retelling a story (which may not even have true comedic substance), Shane Dawson can make you laugh. Shane Dawson uploads a new video on a daily basis.

4.) Miranda Sings

You have most likely heard of this next YouTube channel. Miranda Sings is a character created and portrayed by comedian, actor, and singer Colleen Ballinger. The character, Miranda Sings is a girl who overdraws her Taylor Swift red hued lipstick way too much, and wears her pants way too high. She is awkward, but not afraid to be herself. Although she sings awfully, she wants to become a singer. So, her videos are a combination of singing videos, music videos, and sketches. Miranda Sings uploads videos a few days a week.

5.) GloZell

Finally, the last YoutTube channel is GloZell. GloZell has been on YouTube since 2008, and has been making viewers crack up ever since. Some of her most popular older videos are GloZell Takes the Cinnamon Challenge and Is That Your Breath? Since then, GloZell’s channel has definitely evolved. But, it is just as funny as it was when she first started making videos. Like many comedy YouTube channels, GloZell doesn’t just focus on one type of comedy video. She uploads parody videos, parody tutorials, food challenges, music reviews, and sketches. Overall, GloZell is outspoken and will make you laugh, just by being herself.


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