Skateboarding is a fun activity that involves a rider and a skateboard. The skateboard is an equipment made of a board and rollers/ wheels at the bottom. It is accessorized by protective gear such as skateboard shoes [], helmet, and pads.


It is a transport medium, a sporting activity, work and can be used for fun and leisure through the learning and application of various tricks that are mastered over time. It dates back to as early as the 1940s [History of Skateboarding] and attributes its innovation to surfing which is done on the ground.

It goes without an argument that Skateboarding can be used as a good platform for the growth and development of children. However, it has its own share of risks involved and proper consideration and attention should be accorded to the age at which the children can engage in skateboarding in order to avoid injuries. children under the age of 6 years lack in terms of;


Their judgment of their skills and strengths are poor compared to those of older persons. They can wear protective gear properly.

Center of gravity

The center of gravity is higher compared to adults and the older children making them really unstable

Development of neuromuscular system.

They are not able to coordinate their muscles and control them at will making them more vulnerable.

The most appropriate age to start skateboarding is, therefore

Ages 6-10 years old.


kids skateboarding

At age 12 Tom Schaar did his first sport 1080, being able to perform extraordinarily for his young age. It is argued by the American society of pediatrics that children under the age of 6 are not able to protect themselves from injuries putting them at a higher risk with which is counterproductive to development.

It is not clear and there is no evidence that children who started skating below the age of 6 years are more skilled later in life. The risks they undergo may be counterproductive to their development by making them more fearful or disabled.

Some of the risks that the children face at this age may include; loss of vision, disabilities(hearing, speech, walking), mental disturbance. Therefore the progress should avoid such risks.

Adult supervision is vital when starting out children on skateboards for the provision of guidance and teaching of the proper techniques so as to prevent accidents and injuries.

It is never too late to start skateboarding as long as the party involved is physically and mentally fit.

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